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Developer: CM Games
Based in Tallinn, Estonia


Early Access Release: Nov 9, 2019


Full Release: July 20, 2020





Viveport (Coming Soon)


About CM Games


CM Games is an independent game developer and publisher based in Tallinn, Estonia. Founded in 2010, the company is best known as a mobile games developer and has evolved into an internationally recognized studio. Games published by Creative Mobile have been enjoyed by over 350 million players worldwide, and the company continues to reinvent itself and expand into new genres and platforms.



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Into the Radius is a single-player survival shooter developed exclusively for premium Virtual Reality headsets.


Players are sent stalking through the surreal post-apocalyptic Pechorsk Radius Zone where physics-based interaction, realistic weapon handling, and moody atmosphere will get your adrenaline pumping as you struggle to survive in an unforgiving dystopian environment.


Open-world exploration, climbing, stealth and a dynamic day/night cycle. This creepy immersive VR survival shooter is inspired by ‘Roadside Picnic’ (Пикник на обочине).

Press Release

Into the Radius, VR’s Most Unique Atmospheric Survival Shooter Fires Out Of Early Access

Into the Radius by CM Games launches out of Early Access today following months of dedicated polishing and performance improvements thanks to community feedback. 


Virtual Reality fans have eagerly awaited today’s release as CM Games’ post-apocalyptic hardcore survival game, Into the Radius, has released out of Early Access. Into the Radius aims to push VR gaming by offering up hours and hours of replayable content, challenging players to master realistic weapon handling, survival-based gameplay, and exploration focused storytelling in a world that’s as unyielding as it is intriguing. 


Inspired by the classic sci-fi novel ‘Roadside Picnic’ (Пикник на обочине) by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, Into the Radius is available now on Steam, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality,  Viveport Infinity, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Cosmos, the Oculus Store, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest (with-link), and the Humble Store, New players can pick up ITR with a 30% discount from July 20-26th to celebrate its release. 


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  • Hardcore, atmospheric, unique world
  • Big, open map to explore
  • Realistic gun interaction, attachments and ammo types
  • Player skill-focused – plan, use terrain and knowledge of anomalies to progress.
  • Intriguing story – uncover the Radius mystery

There are miles and miles of forests, swamps and crumbling industrial ruins for you to explore however you want.


But be careful: the Radius is filled with strange, lethal anomalies and hostile forces that threaten anyone foolish or daring enough to risk their lives.


Orienteer with your realistic map, plan your mission route, climb over obstacles, scout out shelters, uncover loot caches, and try not to get killed. At least not too often.


Realistic Weapons

Featuring classic Soviet firearms like the AKM Kalashnikov, PM Pistolet Makarova, SKS Carbine, and much more to come. Realistic interaction, manual magazine loading with different ammo types and weapon attachments.


Be sure to switch off the safety before you start firing! Realistic bullet physics cause ricochets, and bullets can penetrate different kinds of materials.


Take care of your weapons – if they take damage or their condition deteriorates, they will begin to jam.



Your only means of survival is to stalk around with your detector, hunt for artifacts and complete missions assigned to you by the UNPSC.


Stealth, silence, and preparation are your best friends in the Radius Zone. Understand how to navigate the terrain, move slowly, take cover, crouch, sneak, and beware of the threats around you!


Pack the right gear for your journey and plan ahead. Use the realistic day / night cycle to your advantage – scavenge for loot and scout during the day, sneak around quietly and evade your enemies under the cover of night.


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