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Into the Radius is a single-player survival shooter developed exclusively for premium Virtual Reality headsets

Years after the Pechorsk Event faded from the headlines, there are still so many unanswered questions. This blog is a repository for the writings, speculation and lore related to what happened. Learn more about the history of the Radius and the UNPSC, we share the stories leaked out from those who expired in the zone and the conspiracies that still surround this mysterious phenomenon.

What is the VR Community saying?

First Impressions

“Into the Radius VR has a wonderful sense of mystery, discovery, paranoia, fear, intensity, and excitement.”

– Mark Smith, Game Chronicles

“The game looks strikingly similar to the Stalker series. That’s a good thing.”

– Jamie Feltham, Upload VR

“Into the Radius offers dark and atmospheric experience inspired by the Strugatsky Brothers’ Roadside Picnic, mixed with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Stephen King. “

– Thelap Vuong, VR Focus

Shoot Fast and

Take Cover

Take cover and beware of the threats around you. Gunplay and real bullet physics will keep you on your toes. Featuring classics like the Pistolet Makarova, Double Barrel Shotgun and the AKM Kalashnikov.   Weapon interactions are based on their real-life counterparts. Handling, aiming and reloading uses similar movements to their real-world versions. Weapons have unique ammo and suitable attachments, but must be taken care of or else they will begin to jam!



Ever since the mysterious and deadly Pechorsk Radius appeared, it had been the single most discussed topic in the media, scientific communities, and political establishments. Rumors, conspiracies, and legends slowly began to emerge; speaking of wondrous artifacts, deadly anomalies and bizarre entities that inhabit the once quiet mining town.   Today interest has faded, the exclusion zone around the Pechorsk Radius remains completely restricted to the public. Only authorized personnel from the UN Pechorsk Special Committee have any real knowledge of what the Radius truly is.



We placed player skill as one of the important focuses of the game. In order to survive inside the Radius you’ll need to pick the right gear for your journey, understand how to navigate the dangerous terrain and discover what kind of anomalies exist, in order to complete your objectives.


Extraordinary Landscapes

Fifteen years after the Pechorsk Event, the Radius has been almost completely abandoned and stands as an isolated and blighted territory. There are miles and miles of forests and crumbling industrial ruins to explore however you want.   Be warned, the Radius is filled with lethal anomalies and rumored to contain hostile forces that threaten anyone foolish or daring enough to risk their lives exploring it.

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As part of our development process, we are aiming for an open development with integrating player feedback on each step, so we divided the development into milestones.


We’re regularly chatting and updating the Discord community about what’s new, discuss feedback and suggestions, lore and other deep discussions.


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